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Our Pricing Explained

Our prices may seem a little high, but we will explain our pricing in detail here. We charge what we do because of the amount of time it takes to make each item. Crocheting an item is almost the total cost of producing it. We set reasonable prices per hour for the crochet time of each item.

We buy yarn in bulk and pass the savings on to you. We charge a minimal fee for the cost of the yarn, which is generally $5 or less. Shipping costs are set at $5 per order for orders under $48. If it is a small order it will ship U.S.P.S first class mail, or else we will send it U.S.P.S priority mail.

All of our items are made exclusively by Carol, our one and only crocheter. There is good amount of work involved for each item so our pricing is set to reflect this. Sure, you can buy less expensive crochet, but you will not get the quality that you would get if you purchased from us.

We are listed with the Better Business Bureau and maintain an A rating there.

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